Thursday, 10 November 2011


Lucie it's half past four, you still need to sleep. No, mom and dad have no clue either why Bobbie is crying. Of course you’re not tired anymore, but we're all going back to bed again.
Hi princess, yes now you can get out of your bed. Since it is already a quarter past five. Yes, it's a schoolday. No, it's not yeeh, yeeh yeeh it's Friday yet. It's Thursday. Thursday, that's the day before Friday.
Unfortunately, daddy is not home, he is flying somewhere. In a plane indeed.
Hey my king, are you also already awake? Oh, the girls screamed and woke you up.
I don’t know if it’s your turn to choose which tv channel to watch. Who chose yesterday? Then Boris can choose today. Guys, guys, it's only 5:30, it is still a little bit early to beat each others brains out.
Yes, Lucie, I’m busy making you porridge, and juice after that. Be a little bit patient though, because Bobbie gets her milk first. And then indeed, you’ll get a sandwich Boris. Two sandwiches. One with Nutella, and one with meat. No ham because you don’t like it. Sure, you have told me that already a million times.
What day is it?! What do you have to bring? Are you sure, because than we have to put a cake in he oven quickly. And please, tell me a little bit earlier next time. Oh, it was written down in your notebook. Yes, I should read it, you're right. Of course, dad bought two plants yesterday to take to school. No, no seeds, just plants.
Lucie please take your bottle to the kitchen yourself. What? Ah, you come just now. Boris, what do you want on your bread to take to school? Peanut butter and cheese? Ok. Because you are not allowed to take Nutella to school? Who in particular told you, you can’t have Nutella on your sandwich? Mrs. Connel? Well, ever since you started eating bread, you get one healthy, and one sweet sandwich, tell your teacher that. And that cake in the oven, apparently you are allowed to eat that? Ah, yes, of course, that's not for lunch. How logical.
Come on guys, get dressed quickly. No, Lucie, you can not wear that. Yes, it's lovely, and yes, I know you like it, but we just don’t. And no, those are your princess shoes, you are not allowed to wear those to school either. And crying? You’d better do that in your room, bye, bye Lucie. Yes indeed, I’m not your friend, I'm your mother.
Boris, your cricket stuff is in your bag. Including your shoes, so please do wear those, ok? Hello, ok? Yes, I put your socks in your bag as well. By the way guys, where is Bobbie? Oh Bobs, don’t climb into the shower, now you’re soaking wet. Lucie, you can come out of your room now.
Oh no, it's almost seven. Look, there's Vivian already. Please say good morning. Yes, we always do that. Good morning Vivian. Very good. Well, what else. We have to brush our teeth. Come on, make it snappy please.
Oh shit Lucie, we haven’t made ponytails yet. Yes, we do make ponytails, or we can pin it up, you may choose. No, not the pins with the cows, those will fall out of your hair.
Because they are too heavy.
Because they are made of heavy material.
Because people haven’t thought it through.
Because thinking is too damn complicated for them.
Lucie, just because.

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